In 1952 Everardo and Adri Schravesande Langner, with the aim of building a trade fair for the Dutch government, formed Schravesande y Cía., The first company specialized in the construction and assembly of fairs and exhibitions.


The main challenge was that in those years there was no exhibition center in Mexico, so it was carried out in a temporary pavilion built exprofeso. Similar situations ran all exhibitions and trade fairs, such as the German Exhibition held in University City and the French Exhibition that was held at the National Auditorium.



In 1962, the Schravesande brothers founded Construcciones y Maderas, S.A. de C.V, CONMASA, which would take the place of Schravesande y Cía., which specialized in building the temporary halls for international fairs that came to Mexico from practically all European countries and of course, North America.


Likewise, national exhibitions such as the Home Fair, which took place for more than 25 years, gained strength and CONMASA built 30,000 m2 of temporary halls around the National Auditorium. For the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968, CONMASA enabled a large number of facilities, such as the staircase for access to the cauldron of the Olympic flame, the Olympic Velodrome stave, the Press Center, the stables in Avandaro, lockers, dressing rooms, etc.

Before the growth of the 70's, they began to hold exhibitions at the Palacio de los Deportes, first in livestock events -which CONMASA also built in the interior of the country- and later in international trade fairs, initially setting up temporary pavilions and later in the tents that the Government of the city mounted.

To address the changes in the sector, which incorporated sector fairs, CONMASA manufactured the SCH Modular System based on aluminum profiles and panels. The use of this system allowed faster assembly, cleaning and a more efficient service. Revived by the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1987 Expo Guadalajara opens its doors, in 1991 Cintermex in Monterrey and Exhibimex in Mexico City, the latter with the association between CONMASA, leading exhibition organizers and providers of services. This exhibition center closes its doors in 2002, before the emergence of other exhibition centers in the city (World Trade Center, 1995, Expo Bancomer, 2001, Centro Banamex, 2002.)


After venturing into the management of an exhibition center, CONMASA decided to change its name to the current one, "GRUPO SCH EXPOSICIONES CONMASA" and dedicate itself, as in its beginnings, to serve the organizers of exhibitions.

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